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Dinosaurs Had Lice?!?

Dinosaurs Had Lice?!?

DNA studies have recently shown that lice may have existed way back in the time of the dinosaurs – over 65 million years ago! Researches believe that long ago, dinosaurs may have been the first animals in history to be plagued by these pesky little bugs.

But how could lice have lived on dinosaurs if they didn’t have any hair? Well, although dinosaurs don’t have any hair, lice may have lived on the first feathered dinosaur.

As humans began to appear on this planet, lice evolved to be able to survive as a human parasite. In fact, scientists currently study lice in order to find out more about the earliest humans. For example, scientists have discovered that the species of head lice that live on humans separated from the species of head lice that were found on chimpanzees approximately 5.6 million years ago. By using this data as well as evidence from human DNA, they were able to prove that humans and chimpanzees split from each other right around that same time!

So, if you or your child has lice, don’t fret – you’re part of a 65 million year old tradition!

When you do find that ancient pest in your or your child’s hair, relax -because luckily, other than being slightly itchy and annoying they don’t cause any real damage or disease.

As soon as you realize your child has lice or nits, give us at Natural Choice Lice Removal a call. We’ll help you to put a stop to this ancient tradition!

Reference: http://articles.latimes.com/2011/apr/10/science/la-sci-dino-lice-20110410


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