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Head Lice Myths Uncovered – Woodland Hills

1. Head lice can jump from person to person:
Head lice cannot jump or fly! There must be direct head to head contact (or direct contact of personal items such as hats, brushes, combs, etc.)

2. Lice can transmit disease:
Lice are not dangerous, and they do not spread disease; although their bites can lead the scalp to become itchy and inflamed, and scratching due to this can lead to skin irritation and sometimes even an infection.

3. Getting lice means you have dirty hair:
Anyone can get lice, no matter how dirty or clean their hair is. It is actually believed that lice prefer clean hair because it makes it easier for them to attach their eggs and cling to the hair shafts.

4. You must shave your head to eradicate head lice:
Shaving your head to get rid of head lice is an extremely drastic measure, and should be avoided since it can be traumatic, especially in young children.

5. You can treat lice with petroleum jelly:
Petroleum jelly does kill the adult lice by smothering them, but it will not kill nits (lice eggs). Additionally, the petroleum jelly itself is incredibly difficult to get out of the hair.

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