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I think my child has lice… What now?

Head Lice Check List:

1.  First of all – Don’t Panic – Panicking will only cause undue anxiety in your child who will then start worrying about the “bugs” in their hair.  The panicked parent is also notorious for sometimes over-treating the problem as well.  Don’t rush out and buy the first lice shampoo you find until you know for sure what’s in it and the possible side-effects it can have on your child.  Click here for more information on why you shouldn’t use an OTC lice shampoos.

2. Confirm that your child does indeed have lice – A lot of times it’s hard to determine exactly what you are looking at. Is it dandruff? Is it fuzz?  Lice can be very hard to distinguish from other harmless items in your child’s hair.  If you have doubts, sometimes it’s best to leave it to the experts – we can send out a professional Natural Choice Lice Removal™ Technician to screen your child and eliminate any lice present.  We can then check your entire family to make sure the lice has not spread.

3. Make sure all lice and eggs are eliminated – If your child does have lice, all lice and nits must be removed from the child’s hair and scalp.  At Natural Choice Lice Removal™, we use all natural, pesticide free products to loosen the nits from the hair follicles and comb all nits and lice from the hair.  Again, we highly recommend staying away from any chemical or pesticide containing products if you go the DIY route to lice removal.

4. Examine your household and verify that friends and family members aren’t infested – It is important to check all family members for lice and nits, and let all close friends and playmates know of potential lice infection.  Any egg(nit) or louse left behind can quickly reinfest the entire family and start the process all over again.  It is important to mention that most OTC lice shampoos do not kill lice eggs.  Again, manual removal is the most effective, and safest method of eliminating a head lice infestation.

5. Disinfect household and personal objects – Home brushes and combs can be soaked in hot water (>128°F) for 10 minutes, and sheets, clothing, etc, can be washed on a hot cycle. Anything that can’t be washed can be placed in a sealed garbage bag for 2 weeks. Be sure to vacuum all carpets, couches, beds and pillows.  If you’re worried about missing something, take advantage of our Lice-Away™ Professional Home Cleaning for extra piece of mind.

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