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Lice-Away™ Professional Home Cleaning

Let Natural Choice Lice Removal give you piece of mind in knowing that your house and belongings are lice free.  Our signature Lice-Away service eliminates any lice that may still be lurking in your home.  Sleep better knowing that your home is clean and safe.

Our Natural Choice Lice-Away Service includes:

    • The Quarantine of lice infested items for cleaning or disposalLice can live up to 3 days away from a human scalp.  Re-infestation is possible through contact with personal items such as combs, hats, blankets, etc.  We know how to properly and professionally eliminate lice in the home as well as on the scalp.


    • Detailed cleaning/vacuuming of lice infected areasLice can continue to hang out in your house even after your hair and scalp have been treated. It takes patience and time to properly get rid of them. Our Lice-Away Professional Home Cleaning service can save you countless hours and frustration when dealing with persistent head lice.


    • Properly changing infested bed linensWhat is worse than the thought of parasites in your bed? We can’t think of much – that’s why it’s important to properly deal with the lice still alive on blankets, sheets and pillow cases. Why not leave it to the professionals at Natural Choice Lice Removal? Save time and effort with our cleaning service.


  • Thorough cleaning so you can relax and enjoy your home againParents can spend countless hours cleaning, vacuuming and washing to rid their home of a lice infestation. For many busy families, this just isn’t an option – That’s where we come in. We are professionals who know how to stop lice in its tracks. Get your life back from lice now – Call us for our Lice-Away Professional Home cleaning service. You’ll be glad you did!

Natural Choice Lice Removal - Lice-Away Professional Home Cleaning

We offer our Lice-Away cleaning services in the San Fernando Valley and Ventura County. Call us for more details or to see if we serve your area