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Lice FAQ’s


General Head Lice Questions

  1. What are head lice?
  2. How did my child get head lice?
  3. Is having lice harmful to my child?
  4. Why should I not just use a chemical based lice shampoo?
  5. What is the Natural Choice™ Lice Removal Method like?

General Head Lice Questions

What are head lice?

Lice are a human parasite (no, they can’t live on your pets). They travel from head to head through direct contact and live for up to 30 days, laying up to 300 eggs! Nits (lice eggs) take up to 7 days to hatch. Nits can be all different colors, depending on the color hair they are found in. Lice are grayish-white in color; however they can appear darker in people with darker hair.

How did my child get head lice?


Your child could have gotten head lice in a number of different ways. Most likely it was from direct contact from an already infected individual (head to head contact is common during playtime, school, sports activities, slumber parties or camp). They also could have gotten lice from wearing infested clothing, using infested combs, brushes, or towels, or lying on a bed, couch, pillow, or stuffed animal that had recently been in contact with a person who has lice.

Is having lice harmful to my child?


No, lice are not dangerous, and they do not spread disease; although their bites can lead the scalp to become itchy and inflamed, and scratching due to this can lead to skin irritation and sometimes even an infection.

Why should I not just use a chemical based lice shampoo?


Pesticide based lice shampoos contain ingredients that are known or suspected to cause cancer, affect the nervous system, or have other harmful effects. They have side effects such as nosebleeds, allergic responses, asthma attacks, and scalp irritation. Pesticide based shampoos only kill lice, they do not kill their unhatched eggs, so you’ll have to repeat the treatment in 7 days when those eggs hatch. Lice are also developing a resistance to these treatments, so about 70% of the time, these treatments aren’t even effective!

What is the Natural Choice Lice Removal Method like?


We use all-natural, enzyme-based product to loosen the “glue” that holds nits to the hair follicles and then gently comb out your hair until all nits and lice are removed. At the end of the treatment you will have silky smooth, lice free hair!