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The Art of Nit-Picking – Explained!

Nit-picking is the task of removing the tiny eggs of lice, aka nits, from someone’s hair and clothing. Nit-picking can be a tedious activity that requires close attention and care. The word Nit-picking has been around in the English language for as long as we have records – just as human lice infestations have! In earlier years, before modern chemical methods became available, manual
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Lice? How to get back to school fast!

Was your child sent home from school with head lice? Before you try traumatic treatments such as smearing Vaseline or mayonnaise in their hair, read on… Manual lice removal is the safest, most effective method of eradicating head lice.  Yes, it is time consuming; but, in the end it is the best way to remove all lice and nits while avoiding the dangerous side
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