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The Art of Nit-Picking – Explained!

Nit-picking is the task of removing the tiny eggs of lice, aka nits, from someone’s hair and clothing. Nit-picking can be a tedious activity that requires close attention and care. The word Nit-picking has been around in the English language for as long as we have records – just as human lice infestations have!

In earlier years, before modern chemical methods became available, manual nit-picking was the only way to get rid of lice. Nowadays, as lice populations are developing resistance to those chemicals and we are becoming aware of long-term side effects they cause, manual nit-picking has become the most preferred method once again.

Luckily, we have new and improved nit-picking tools these days. Fine-toothed, metal combs that help to grab lice safely and easily combined with all-natural enzymes that help to break down the “glue” that holds the nits to the shaft of the hair, make it much easier for us to comb the nits out.

All sections of the hair must be “picked through” for both nits and live lice. The nits will be oval-shaped and are usually grayish-white, although they can vary in color. Living nits are usually found close to the scalp, where it is warm, but can be found anywhere on the hair shaft.

Even with the best comb and the best eyes, it is easy to miss a louse or nit. This is why the infested person must be combed every day for up to a week or two to remove any remaining lice or eggs. A consistent and diligent home-screening routine is key at keeping lice at bay!

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