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The Most Effective Method for Treating Head Lice

Woman combing child's hair for lice

Safe and Effective Lice Removal

Manual head lice removal has been shown to provide a greater success rate with fewer side-effects vs. over the counter treatments. Our professionally trained technicians will take care of your lice problem fast while putting your child at ease.

We use all-natural, enzyme-based products to loosen the “glue” that holds nits(eggs) to the hair follicles and then gently comb out your hair until all nits and lice are removed.  At the end of the treatment you will have silky smooth, lice free hair!

About Natural Choice Lice Removal

  • We are a chemical free lice removal company
  • Our Products are non-toxic and pesticide free
  • We are available 24/7 – Call us day or night
  • Professional child friendly technicians
  • Fully mobile service – We come to you
  • Professional & discreet in-home service