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What are “Super Lice”? And are they waiting for you kids at school?

Is your child getting ready to head back to school this fall? Well keep in mind as they’re hurrying off to hug their friends and share hats and headbands, that it’s also the best time to get ready for all those fun bugs they are spreading around. And no, I am not talking about the flu, I’m talking about SUPER LICE!

These so called “Super Lice” are a type of head lice that are resistant to the medications that are supposed to kill them. Lice have become a “super bug”, which means that they fend off most of the pesticides that are the main ingredient in OTC (over the counter) medications available to treat them.

The question now is how do we deal with these “Super Pests? Well, you could just up the dosage and use the stronger prescription medications available – but those contain toxic ingredients and are not recommended for children. In fact, many doctors, including Dr. Lee Moorer, a leading child health specialist, has likened over-the-counter lice treatments to  “… just like [taking] DDT”.

That is why old fashion nit picking is the best way to go! By actually removing all the lice and nits by hand, you are preventing re-infestation and the spreading of this pesky infection. Lice may be immune to the medications originally developed to treat them, but they can’t outrun a good old-fashioned comb!

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