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The big reason not to use OTC lice shampoos!

Why are OTC (over the counter) lice shampoos so bad for my child?

Pesticide based lice shampoos are full of chemicals that are known or suspected to cause cancer, negatively affect the nervous system, or have other harmful effects.  The scalp is one of the most absorbent parts of the body – especially in children, and products that are applied to the scalp get picked up directly by the bloodstream, without being filtered in any way.  That means that these harmful chemicals are being put directly into your child’s system.

Chemicals such as permethrin, pyrethrum, and lidane make up these chemical based shampoos, and have side effects such as nosebleeds, asthma attacks, and allergic responses.  Children, especially those with asthma and allergies are especially vulnerable to these chemicals.

Pyrethrum, found in the product RID, is a natural insecticide extracted from chrysanthemums.  It is known to trigger allergic responses such as skin rashes, hives and asthma.  As well as being a suspected carcinogen, it is a known immuno-toxicant and reproductive toxicant.

Permethrin, found in the product NIX, is a synthetic version of Pyrethrum and is known to result in contact dermatitis and asthma-like reactions.  It is also a suspected human carcinogen and neurotoxin which has been reported to cause temporary nervous disorders in the face and hands.

Lindane, which was once the treatment of choice for lice, was banned in California in 2002.  It is a known carcinogen and causes dizziness, seizures, nervous system damage, immune system damage, and birth defects.  Although it was banned in California, it is still used in other states and countries.

These are the side-effects you and your family could potentially face when using OTC lice removal products.  With the high rate of resistance that lice have developed against these products, is it worth it to risk your family’s health?

Manual lice and nit removal is the safest most effective method of eradicating lice and it has absolutely no side effects!

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